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The original website was greatly outdated and had very little sense of organization. There were three different product types that weren’t being showcase optimally as well as a blog / recipes area. The navigation was not clear either making it very difficult for potential new customers to find what they were looking for.


The first step was to have a consultation of the clients expectations. Then I offered some suggestions to fix the issues as well as make a plan to execute. The biggest part of the design phase was to put together a strong navigation system and group like items together. We designed the shopping experience to be very immersive as well.


For the general shopping area, we turned it into a market place style where we can showcase all the items onto one screen. We also build a recipes area where the client can also link products used in the recipe to their respective purchase pages. The last challenge was the build your own subscription page where we had to find a way to fit a large amount of options in a user friendly experience.


This project was quite a lot of fun and it was great that the client was so open to new suggestions. That openness really allowed this project to reach its full potential. This also opened the door for us to be more creative with future e-commerce projects.