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Angelique Roussos

I have a confident personality that shines through in social situations and allows for great interactions with clients. I always enjoy a challenge and the opportunity to learn something new. I feel it's important to always develop yourself as a person and in technical skills.

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One common thing I am told when I meet a new client, is that I am humbly unique. I am not the kind of freelancer that is after a paycheque, I am after new opportunities and experiences. I enjoy hearing a clients story the ambition that drives their website. There is always an important “why“ factor behind every business, and it is my passion to learn what it is.

From 9-5 I am in front of my computer either working on projects or learning something new. In my field of expertise, it is important to always stay on top of my game with the latest technologies. In doing this, I am able to constantly offer impeccable service to my clients. The time I take to increase my knowledge is what help my clients businesses flourish.

One of my strongest values, is respect. Mutual respect is essential in every business relationship. I would not enter into a new project without it because it would compromise the quality of work that needs to be done.