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There was a variety of different content to display on the website, all with different purposes and layouts. It needed to be efficient, accurate and automated. We also needed a system to display additional content.


Different taxonomies were created to match all content type. Then, dynamic fields were set to auto display posts based on the appropriate query. These were triggered by simple tags that the client can add in the content writing process. Advanced Custom Fields were used to easily add additional content fields to the posts and list pages.


After a lot of troubleshooting, everything fell into place. The only additional work that the client has to do while writing the post was to set a tag and category to their post. With the custom fields, when filled in, it auto populated across the entire website and always fell right into place where things were meant to show.


Considering the large amount of content and custom content that needed to be shown in a consistent manner, there was a lot of trial and error. We had great meetings to discuss “how can we make this even better” and that is how the final result came to be.