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Scoring high in Google rankings.

What is SEO anyway?

SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is the practice of improving the organic traffic that is coming to your website. The internet is over saturated with millions of different websites, many of them in your niche. How do you stand out from the crowd? One answer is spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on advertising to push yourself to the top. Another is through organic search. Organic search means your website showing up when a relevant keyword is searched, without the help of a paid ad.

Google rewards websites for following specific guidelines. Google is looking to organically promote websites that is well maintained, has informative content and a great reputation. More factors come into play but these are the most common.

So what will you get with an SEO retainer package? You will see more details later on in this page but essentially, you will get everything you need to become a dominant factor in your niches organic search results.

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Helping local

This SEO service is tailored to local businesses in order to help them get found online. 

We know how critical it is that your local business customers know exactly where to find you and how to contact you when they conduct a search for businesses. When they Google your business name, you want to show up at the top of the results.

If you’re on the market for SEO services, then you are looking for growth and results. Google algorithms, keyword research and all of those other SEO terms might be important but all that actually matters to you is attracting more organic traffic to your business website to close more leads and increase your business. Simply put, you want your customers to be able to find you in Google, visit your website, and buy from you!

Our SEO agency understands how to drive traffic to your website and how to give you results that matter. We are not the type of SEO agency that shoves hundreds of keywords and links into your website. We deliver optimized content that is developed for your target audience and answers all of their questions that they are searching for. Google highly rewards websites with valuable content.


You know when you search something on Google and a map pops up with some search results? This is referred to as Google’s “local pack.” What it does is highlights the highest ranking local businesses. Our Montreal SEO agency can help you show up in the local pack and map results – aside from the normal search results.

By geo-targeting keywords, managing your local business listings, and more, our agency can help build trust with Google so they display you higher in search.


Regardless of how popular the other websites of the world get, people highly value the convenience of nearby products and services.

Just think about how often you’ve searched for something “near me.” Nearly half of all Google searches have local intent.

Our local SEO services will help you reach highly qualified prospects in your area who are specifically looking for products and services like yours.

We work together

Key features that we pay close attention to in order to provide you with the best Google search results.

Google my Business

As part of our SEO services, we’ll set up an optimized Google My Business listing that will help you get found on Google. Your profile will showcase your local business and make it easy for your customers to contact you!

Regardless of how popular the other websites of the world get, people highly value the convenience of nearby products and services.

Just think about how often you’ve searched for something “near me.” Nearly half of all Google searches have local intent.

Keyword Research

We take the time to evaluate your target audience, study how they search for products / services, and what questions they need answered. Once that is complete, we dig into the competition of the optimal keywords for your business

Free Advertising

There are thousands of free online business listings where you can add your business information (think Yellow Pages). It’s free exposure for your business!

The problem is many of these business listings sites get your info wrong, which can hurt your local search ranking. Google relies on accurate listings to decide whether to list your business in local search results or not.


General SEO Packages

These prices are based off the most common price ranges we have for the listed features. Selecting a package will bring you to a page where you will be prompted to fill out your project details. NO PAYMENT WILL BE TAKEN. NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED. When you submit your request, our team will take a look at your information and proceed to booking a meeting with you to discuss working together. 


Basic SEO best practices you need to optimize your website ranking.
  • Google My Business optimization
  • Keyword research & keyword mapping
  • On-page website optimization
  • Competitor analysis (1)
  • Backlink auditing & disavows
  • Monthly reporting
  • Client Area included ($70 value)


SEO services and content creation to grow your online presence Includes Basic plus:
  • Monthly content strategy calendar
  • Competitor analysis (3)
  • Journalist outreach
  • Backlink building
  • 2 hours website services


Full SEO for businesses that want to expand and stand out online. Includes Basic & Builder plus:
  • Monthly content creation (limit of 1000 word article)
  • 3 hours website services


Before jumping into anything, our SEO team takes the time to do some research as to why your website is not showing up in Google search results. We review the structure of your website to make sure that it’s developed in a way that Google can understand and be able to reach all of your content. Lastly we will conduct a keyword research to make sure that what you are currently using is targeting the right audience. If needed, we will make adjustments to make sure that all the right keywords are being used and the right ones that will increase your organic traffic.