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Art / Photography
British Columbia
Vikki Cecchini Landing


The goal was to make the website feel like walking through an art gallery. We wanted easy visitor to choose their own path. Additionally, we wanted to work with an eco-friendly print-on-demand service.


The website was designed in a way that didn’t have call-to-actions to force purchases. We displayed the gallery in a way to showcase the artwork rather than its cost. This way, the visitor will navigate to the purchase page only if they were visually captivated. For the print-on-demand service, we found Gelato that aligned with the clients vision.


We ended up creating a new logo for this project so that all the visuals aligned better. The synergy between all the elements flowed nicely . Because of the attention to the flow of the design, the target audience was much more intrigued and spent more time browsing through all the pages.


This was a very humble project with a client that had a great vision. We’re delighted that we were able to bring her vision to life. It was built in a way that we can always add more content without compromising the easy flow of the website.