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Boudoir Photography
Toronto, Ontario


With this client, we are always finding new solutions to automate their production processes. The first issue to tackle was the fact that copying order data information form the website to their courier service took too long. The next issue was that their website was very outdated and was built on a system that didn’t work well according to their product catalogue and payment structure.


We started by building a custom plugin to connect to their courier service where the process of sending the order data is fully automated. With the website revamp, we made major modifications to the overall design. We also created a custom product creation system which enabled us to fully control price conditions, product customizations, advanced reporting and so on.


With these new additions, and a few others that haven’t been mentioned, we optimized their production processes tremendously. As for the new website and customized shopping experience, we have heard fantastic feedback from their clients who say that the experience is much smoother and easier to navigate.


We continue to create new technology for this client. Their goal is to be a tech leader in their industry and that is exactly what we are accomplishing one add-on at a time.