We are currently a team of 4 service providers and will most likely double that amount by the time we reach the month of July. I, Angelique Roussos, manage all of the accounts and handle all client communications. 

So, after graduating college, I got right into freelancing and wanted to immediately start my own company. I worked under a couple of different names over the course of two years but they were too corporate sounding. So I sat myself down one night, listening to my favourite tunes with a glass of my favourite red wine. 

Frustrated that I could not come up with a name, I started looking at cute animal videos on YouTube and I saw a video of monkeys (my favourite) and then it all just clicked! 

I did a quick domain search and found that monkeysat.work was available. It all fell into place too perfectly to ignore. Now here we are 🙂

Yes, if need be we can put together a payment plan for new website builds. All the details and conditions will be written in our contract. The conditions can vary depending on the situation and requirements. Our goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Yes definitely! Right now we are working will clients all over North America but it will definitely be interesting to venture overseas. 

Our maintenance service is a pay-as-you-go plan. Basically we start off each month at zero hours then track time as requests start coming in. We like to reserve an hour for basic monthly maintenance. Other than that, you just pay for the time we use rather than a lump sum at the beginning of the month. 

Invoices are sent bi-weekly and we can set a cap of hours to not surpass on a month-to-month basis. 

At the time no but it can very well be an option in the future depending on how many requests we get. Although I do have my favourite hosts that I always recommend to my clients.

*Not affiliated with any hosting businesses*