my art?

I’m a big people person. Stick me in a room with people I barely know, or not know at all, and I’ll leave with new friends. I know how to quickly assess someone and change my approach to what I think the person will respond best to. I used to be called things like “Conversation Ninja” or
“The Chameleon”

Why Monkeys at Work?

There’s a certain advantage behind being unique, and strong advantage at that. When you walk your own walk, with confidence, there’s absolutely no way you will fail. Monkeys at Work is my alter ego. Quirky, fun, and a little bit of a nerd. My goal isn’t to show myself as “just another creative agency”, it’s to show myself for who I am and attract my ideal clientele.

My name is Angelique Roussos, nice to meet you.

I’m a freelancer that works under a quirky name because I’m quirky myself. I look for ambition driven clients because I have an insane amount of ambition too. When I first meet with a client I always ask them what drives them to do what they’re doing and I don’t accept the answer “to make money” as a primary answer. I believe that being driven by money just leads us to do what everyone else is doing when in reality we all have the potential to be powerfully unique.

So what drives me? Freedom. Using my skill base to help others with incredible ambition, helping their dreams come true and in the process getting inspired by their passion.

Ways to contact me


    Angelique Roussos / Monkeys at Work

   Angelique Roussos / Monkeys at Work

  angiiexmunkeez [gamertag for Xbox One]


What do
I do?

I used to strictly be a Web Designer, now I’ve also become a Social Media Manager and a blogger. I don’t think I’ll ever have a specific title for what I do. I just keep learning new things, wait until I become awesome at it, and then offer the new service to my clients. Usually, when I work with a client it’s a package deal of website creation/maintenance, SEO, community management, and blogging.