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Creating a state of the art website for your business.


You have one chance to make a long lasting first impression with your potential customers. The design of your website is the first thing your visitors will see. So ask yourself this, is your website design creating the best possible first impression of your business?

Impressing a website visitor right off the bat means potentially gaining a customer for life. Be aware, if you make the wrong impression then your competitors will swoop in to pick up the pieces. It’s for this exact reason that you should have a professional team to make sure to do what it takes to make a great website.

First we start with an attractive, user-friendly, visual design. We put a huge emphasis on mobile-first design as well because a large percentage of potential customers will be visiting your page from their mobile device. Lastly, we aim to be user friendly for search engines as well, or no one will ever find your website through Google search.

This Montreal WordPress agency is an expert in building user-friendly website designs that look great and have perfect functionality.


Are you looking for something more original than a cookie-cutter WordPress template? Our WordPress website designers will create a business website that is completely your own custom website design that fully captures your brand and makes you stand out from your competition.


If your business is not generating money online, then you are losing profit and handing it to your competitors. We make it easy to turn your e-commerce website into a profit center for your business. Streamlined shopping carts that make online shopping a breeze. Customized product and order pages to drive more sales secure payment processing that you and your customers can trust.


Not enough emphasis is put on the importance of having a responsive web design. More than half of website traffic around the world sources from mobile devices. So simply put, a mobile design is a must-have. If your website cannot be viewed properly on a mobile device, you will be losing a customer. We design your website to look great on any device. Increase your lead conversions by giving customers a consistent user experience.


Dedicated to the small business owners that just don’t have the time to put together a DIY website. Let us lift the burden off your shoulders and get your online business up and running in no time.

Professional web design customized to the look and feel of your business. This is a
zero-hassle process – we handle all the design and website copywriting if need be!



Are you aware that nearly 90% of customers start their purchasing process from a Google Search? You need to invest in SEO to make sure your website will be found on the first page in Google search results.


A website that is not using the best SEO practices mind as well not even be online. Remember, what you’re not doing, your competitor is. SEO keeps you at the top of your game!


Rank higher on Google and drive high-quality traffic to your website. Get real results that you can see with easy-to-understand reports at every step. Local SEO services that help nearby customers find your small business.


We’ve been dedicated to providing WordPress website design services for over 10 years now and to businesses all over the country. As a WordPress agency in Montreal, we especially love working with our local businesses, there is so much creativity in this city that often goes overlooked. These are the kinds of businesses we want to help flourish.

Being a small business owner, maybe you don’t have the time to tackle your website project. Or maybe you’re just not satisfied with your current website and you’re searching the market for a redesign. Whatever your story is, Monkeys at Work WordPress agency is here to help you.

As you may notice on this website, there is no buy now button. Why? Because I feel it’s impersonal and not the way to start a business relationship. The best way to kick off a business relationship is with a free 30 minute consultation. This way we can get an idea if we would be a good match together and proceed to take it from there.

If you already have a website, then I will conduct a thorough website audit to discover possible design, development, performance, and SEO issues. I will also learn about your marketing goals and figure out the role of your website to reach that goal. You can count on this Montreal WordPress agency to put you on the right track. Just use the form below to set up your consultation.


If you just want to send us a message, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Thank you!

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