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Getting your website looking great on all devices.


Should you even concern yourself with a responsive design? Yes, because a responsive design is a mandatory function that your website needs to have.

A question we often get from clients is, what exactly is responsive design? Responsive design is a technique used to create a website that is adaptable to all devices and screen sizes. It’s a one-design-fits-all solution which means a single design that looks great on all devices and not just a desktop computer. Picture a glass that is filled with water. Regardless if you pour the same amount of water into a mug, bowl or teapot, it’s still the same water. What changes is how it forms to fit the given container that it’s in. This is the same with responsive website design, the design fits according to the container it’s in.

If your website design is not responsive to all devices, then you’re in trouble. More than half of the world’s online traffic is coming from browsing through mobile devices. Whether we like it or not, responsive web design is here to stay and it’s time for all businesses to adapt.

Our web design agency designs all websites to be optimized and responsive for all devices: phones, laptops and all other devices. Is your current website not responsive on all devices? Not to worry, we can convert your current design to be mobile-friendly or just create a new design from square one.


Adapting website visual styles to fit any screen size that ensures your website design will look great on any device that your customers are using. Responsive design uses a singular fluid layout so your customers and Google will be able to find your content with ease.


Yes, speed definitely matters. If your website takes longer than a few seconds to load then the visitor will most likely leave your website. Visitors browsing from their mobile devices are even more strict about this as 90% of visitors will leave if your website takes more than 5 seconds to load. This is what can negatively impact your websites Bounce Rate.


How annoying do you find it when you’re on a website and you have to zoom in on your phone in order to see the text or have to scroll to see the entire page? Mobile first design fixes this problem with user interface elements by increasing the text size, creating more prominent buttons and clickable phone numbers. All of these practices contribute to a better mobile user friendly design.


When you’re visiting a website on a desktop computer and you see a huge menu, it probably looks great! That same style won’t necessarily look good on a mobile device. In fact, it would look crowded. This is an important user experience element that our design and development teams pay close attention to. We want to maintain the same value of links and information across all devices while maintaining an aesthetically appealing design.



Are you aware that nearly 90% of customers start their purchasing process from a Google Search? You need to invest in SEO marketing to make sure your website will be found in Google search results.


A website that is not using the best SEO practices mind as well not even be online. Remember, what you’re not doing, your competitor is. SEO keeps you at the top of your game!


Rank higher on Google and drive high-quality traffic to your website. Get real results that you can see with easy-to-understand reports at every step. Local SEO services that help nearby customers find your small business.



If you’re aware of this or not, most people that are visiting your website are either on their mobile or tablet devices. They expect a good mobile-friendly experience because the internet has been tailored for a mobile-first experience. Fun fact: over 85% of adults say that the mobile website of your business should be better than your desktop website. If your website is not adapted to mobile devices, you can kiss your customers goodbye. Worse than that, no one will talk about your website to their family or friends because they didn’t have a good experience.

With our development services, we make sure that your website is mobile friendly and ready to give the best user experience possible.


For years now Google has been pushing the idea onto website designers to incorporate mobile-friendly web design practices. As of lately, Google’s algorithms are programmed to scan your website to see if it’s mobile friendly. Now the mobile version of your website is always evaluated before the desktop version. Since Google is putting more importance on mobile design, they are telling you it’s mandatory to have a responsive website.

If your website is not mobile friendly, it will definitely not rank well in Google searches because Google will not allow it. Their goal is for all of their users to have a great experience on whichever website they click through to from the search results. Making your website responsive allows Google to see all the content you have on your website no matter what mobile device is being used. Monkeys at Work will create a responsive business website for you that checks off all the boxes for Google’s standards.


Over the years, website designers have used different methods to design websites for mobile. One popular method was creating a standalone mobile design that was often just a stripped-down version of a desktop website design.

Google may not be able to find all your content
You have to maintain two separate website designs. Meanwhile, responsive designs simply adapt to the same design and avoid any complications with incomplete or duplicate content.
Bottom line: responsive design is the best and most efficient way to create a mobile-friendly website design. Even Google recommends it!

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