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Build your SEO strategy, the right way.

Why You Still Need Keywords

If someone has ever told you that keyword ranking isn’t relevant anymore to rank high on Google, it’s the same as them telling you a steering wheel is no longer relevant to drive your car.

It’s important that your website has a solid keyword strategy. Any credible SEO agency should be providing keyword research services. Keywords are the centrepiece to every SEO marketing strategy. This is how we develop your optimized content to give you the results that you are looking for. Keywords assist in setting the direction for your website content and gives Google insight into what each page on your website is all about.

At Monkeys at Work, our keyword research is focused on your business and your target audience. There is no point to a keyword strategy if it’s going to be ranking for random search terms. The point of all this research is to find keywords that are relevant to the search queries that will drive traffic to your website.

Keywords are not dead, but they evolved. When SEO first started, it was all about exact keyword matches. SEO writing was dumping specific keywords phrases into your content with barely any literary structure. Reading a keyword stuffed paragraph was definitely hard on the eyes.

Google’s algorithm is a lot smarter now. It understands the context and intention behind search queries. You used to have to search for “Best Resto Bar in Montreal.” Now you can search for “Resto Bar” and Google will know what you mean – and return local SEO results.

Search engines also understand that people use different keywords and phrases to search for the same topic. This has given rise to what SEO geeks like us call semantic keywords, and Latent Semantic Indexing (or LSI keywords). These are fancy ways to say that Google is getting better at understanding natural human language. Google now looks at synonyms and phrases that are closely related to the user’s search, even if they don’t contain the same words.



Are you aware that nearly 90% of customers start their purchasing process from a Google Search? You need to invest in SEO marketing to make sure your website will be found in Google search results.


A website that is not using the best SEO practices mind as well not even be online. Remember, what you’re not doing, your competitor is. SEO keeps you at the top of your game!


Rank higher on Google and drive high-quality traffic to your website. Get real results that you can see with easy-to-understand reports at every step. Local SEO services that help nearby customers find your small business.


LSI Keywords and the rise of contextual search have expanded the need for quality keyword research. It’s not enough to find a few exact match keywords and scatter them around your website. Modern keyword research is about learning how your customers search and finding a whole network of terms that relate to your core topic.

For example, let’s say your business sells gymnastics mats, which is your primary keyword. Your LSI keywords might include “landing mats,” “gymnastics equipment” “martial arts studios,” “cheerleading equipment,” “floor padding,” “foam exercise mats,” and so on.

As part of our SEO services offering, keyword research delivers an arsenal of relevant keywords they can incorporate into your site, so you get the SEO benefit without your copy sounding forced or awkward. Google understands what your page is all about, and your customers get a deeper understanding of your products & services. It’s a win-win.

Here’s where the website optimization work really begins. On-page optimization involves weaving your semantic keywords into your website for best SEO marketing effect, without sacrificing readability or customer experience. Yes, you want Google to rank your site higher, but you don’t want to alienate potential customers in the process.


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