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Not selling online yet? Then your profit is in your competitors pockets.


The use of e-commerce can be beneficial for any kind of business ranging from a local shop to a large corporation. WordPress integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce which is the e-commerce platform of choice for all WordPress websites. Getting your store up and running has never been easier or more affordable. With these two software working together, it allows our design and development team to maintain a high performance responsive website design where your customers can shop directly from their mobile phones.

Putting all technicalities aside, our website development company takes great care to make sure your ecommerce website is completely secure and user friendly. Our goal is to give your customers a great experience from the moment they go onto your website to when they complete their checkout process. We pay close attention to the website’s navigation system to make sure the website can guide your customer through the ideal shopping process. We also put a lot of time into the website’s performance. This is especially important for ecommerce websites. If your website is loading too slow, you will more than likely lose your customer.

Since we are a full-service digital agency in Montreal, it means that we don’t stop at just website design. Our SEO marketing services are also available to you to drive traffic to your website and convert visitors into buyers. Our SEO marketing strategies are developed to get your online store known on the web through Google searches which would drive traffic to your website and increase sales


Our web design agency makes sure you’re covered by including all the elements attached to the best eCommerce website designs:

– Content management capabilities

– Navigation designed with great user experience in mind

– SEO optimization of the code and layout

– Easy-to-use search boxes let your customers find what they’re looking for in moments

– Customized online ordering pages, so you can make transactions a breeze

– Clear, concise product information that tells visitors exactly what they need to know to make a buying decision

– Strong calls to action that drive prospects toward the point of purchase

– Online payment options

– Reporting tools including Google Analytics integration, so you can analyze how your customers shop

– The ability to scale your platform

– Access to our internet marketing services



Are you aware that nearly 90% of customers start their purchasing process from a Google Search? You need to invest in SEO marketing to make sure your website will be found in Google search results.


A website that is not using the best SEO practices mind as well not even be online. Remember, what you’re not doing, your competitor is. SEO keeps you at the top of your game!


Rank higher on Google and drive high-quality traffic to your website. Get real results that you can see with easy-to-understand reports at every step. Local SEO services that help nearby customers find your small business.


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