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Stand out of the crowd and get a custom website.


Our Montreal website development company is there to help you create a long lasting first impression of your website. First impressions are everything and it’s how you will convert a visitor into a long lasting. Get it done right and let our agency handle this task for you.

To accomplish a great design and user experience, we evaluate your competitors in order to set the base expectation bar that we would like to surpass. Our website design and development assesses everything from navigation hierarchy, UX elements and content presentation.

All of our departments work closely together. The Designers, Developers and SEO marketers keep in constant communication with each other in order to synchronize all important aspects that build your website into a profit making machine. Building a website and SEO go hand in hand because developers need to consider best SEO practices. We take a look at anchor links, keyword placement and overall framework and content structure. We will never launch your website without a full SEO audit to ensure that your website will perform to its full potential on Google.

Our main goal is to deliver a flawless website to you that performs great, properly reflects your brand, and generates the results that matter for your business.


Getting to know more about you, your goals , your business and your customers is the best way to start a new web development project. Our goal is to truly understand who you and your customers are so we can design and develop a website that accurately speaks to your audience and answers all the right questions. Getting to know your business is also a key step for out content writers and SEO marketers so they can develop the proper tactics to drive traffic to your website.


Our website design team is in charge of creating a mockup for your website. While they do that, our copywriters create content that best envelopes your business and goals.

Both of these teams also synchronize with the SEO marketing team to make sure that the proper keywords and SEO best practices are being implemented into your website from the get go.


This is when we start coding. When our design and development team come together, their goal is to put together a visually appealing, user friendly and mobile friendly website. We will always be using WordPress for our development base. During the development phase we set up checkpoints to test and debug the code in order to avoid future glitches. We also make sure to optimize all the JavaScript and CSS styles to make sure your website is running quickly.


During the review phase of a project we take the time to make sure that all the visual elements, content and performance are working together flawlessly. Prior to launching your website we also run a series of tests to make sure all the elements are working as they are supposed to. We take the time to test all links, contact forms, error-free content and to ensure that all SEO conditions have been met.


Once we have thoroughly checked your website from A-Z and you have given us the green light, then our next job is to take your website LIVE. You will receive a notification from us when your website is up and running. From here we can start talking about your SEO marketing services. After all, what good is an awesome new website if people can’t find you on Google?


Unfortunately, we hear a lot of stories from clients that have previously worked with another agency that completely disappeared after, or sometimes during, the project. This is something we don’t do. Monkeys at Work will always be here to provide you with training, answer your questions and keep your website updated. No matter if you want to handle future changes by yourself or pass the baton over to us, we will be here to make sure that everything is running smoothly. With WordPress as your CMS, you’ll easily have the ability to update the site yourself.



Are you aware that nearly 90% of customers start their purchasing process from a Google Search? You need to invest in SEO strategies to make sure your website will be found in Google search results.


A website that is not using the best SEO practices mind as well not even be online. Remember, what you’re not doing, your competitor is. SEO keeps you at the top of your game!


Rank higher on Google and drive high-quality traffic to your website. Get real results that you can see with easy-to-understand reports at every step. Local SEO services that help nearby customers find your small business.


Designing a custom website is one thing, getting your target audience to come to your website is another. This is why our website development services are supported by SEO marketing, social media management, email marketing, and more.

Our mission after development is to find where your target customers are hanging out online and commit to research and development that will show us how to reach out to your target customers. We will be researching your competition, analyzing demographics and creating content that drives traffic to your website and increases conversions.

When you work with us as your web developer, you’ll get a complete package.


If you just want to send us a message, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Thank you!

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